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SEAL Team Awards

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To recognize the untiring efforts made by SEAL Teams in selling and promoting  Kaspersky Cybersecurity Solutions and Services in Singapore, Byteworks International Pte Ltd will award the following SEAL Teams for mission accomplishments:

Best SEAL Team 2021

Most H2 Revenues Runner's Up SEAL Teams

Most H2 New License SEAL Team

Most H2 Upgrade License SEAL Team


Rules & Regulations


Top 40 SEAL Teams based upon revenues accrued from 1 Jan - 30 Jun 2021 will qualify to take part in these missions

BEST SEAL Team 2021: Mission T - Most H2 Revenues

SEAL Team with Most H2 New License: Mission N - Min 500 New Licenses 

SEAL Team with Most H2 Upgrade License: Mission U - Min 300 Upgraded Licenses

5 Consolation Awards for SEAL Team with the next most H2 revenues to Byteworks

Revenues, number of New and Upgrade licenses for H2 will be as at 25 Dec 2021

Kaspersky cybersecurity products that qualify - KESB, KEDRO, KES, CLOUD, CLOUD PLUS

No restriction in the number of mission, a SEAL Team can accomplished. A SEAL Team will be limited to a maximum of 2 Awards.

Early renewal and pay forward by 12 months for all licenses will be allowed; license will be delivered 6 months before expiry date

To motivate SEAL Teams to strive for these awards and to ensure transparency, the Mission Status  will be used to show the mission accomplishment of the 40 SEAL Teams. Results will be published on 1st and 15th of each month

To maintain confidentiality of the SEAL Team identity, only SEAL Team codes will be used to publish results

No actual revenues or number of licenses will be used to publish the stages of accomplishment of SEAL Teams; a multiplier factor known only to Byteworks' management will be used, instead, and points will be computed.

In order to participate in the SEAL Team Awards, your company has to submit the Acknowledgement Form by 14 Jul 2021 


Byteworks' management decision is final

Byteworks is not liable for any financial losses, loss of property or other material, or injury to person (s) resulting in the pursuit of these missions or awards

Byteworks reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of these awards without consultation with any third parties.

Published date: 30 Jun 2021. Last Updated: 2100 hours, 9 Sep 21

Latest Mission Status - 15 Nov 2021




  Best SEAL Team

Credit Note $1000.00


Best SEAL Team of Kaspersky 2021

Challenge Shield


Runner's Up SEAL Teams (1)

Credit Note $200.00


Consolation Awards (5)

Credit Note $50


  Most H2 New License

 Credit Note $250


   Most H2 Upgrade License

 Credit Note $150