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Kaspersky Targeted Security Solutions

Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions have been designed to deliver superior, intelligent protection for specific components of your network, putting Kaspersky Lab’s deep protection technologies precisely where you need them most in your IT infrastructure. Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions are an efficient and cost-effective way to employ the very anti-malware technology exactly where it’s required, allowing you to fully protect and control your changing IT environment.

Why Kaspersky Targeted Security Solutions?

Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions provide deep protection to any component within your network including workstations, file servers, mail servers and Internet gateways. Easy to deploy and manage, they provide precisely the superior, intelligent protection you need from existing and emerging threats. Advantages include:

  • Superior, intelligent protection technology developed to combat emerging and increasingly sophisticated Internet threats and respond rapidly to malware attacks
  • Unified, granular management for holistic visibility and pre-emptive risk control of the IT environment
  • Enhanced IT flexibility, improving business productivity and agility
  • Scalability to expand protection as your business grows

For Workstations, Laptops and Smartphones

Kaspersky Lab provides superior, intelligent anti-malware protection and powerful controls against emerging and increasingly sophisticated threats for individual workstations, laptops and smartphones on your corporate network.

Solutions for workstation, laptop and smartphone protection include:


For File Servers and Storage

Our range of new and refreshed products for file servers provides a superior solution for multi-platform server networks, without impacting performance and business operations.

Solutions for file server protection include:

For Mail, Groupware and Collaboration Servers

Email is an established route by which cybercriminals propagate malicious programs and spam. Kaspersky Lab offers the latest malware detection technology to maximize business productivity.

Solutions for mail, groupware and collaboration server protection include:


For Virtual Environments

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization provides agentless anti-malware security for virtual machines, without compromising performance.

Solutions for virtual server protection include:

For Internet Gateways

Protected Internet access is a core requirement for organizations of all sizes. Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway provides secure Internet access for the organizations, automatically removing malicious and potentially hostile programs from incoming HTTP/FTP traffic.

Solutions for Internet gateway protection include: