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Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Letting mobile devices access your corporate network can offer many benefits – but also introduce significant security risks. In addition to delivering multi-layered security for mobile devices, Kaspersky Security for Mobile provides a host of mobile device management (MDM) functionality that helps businesses to minimise the time they have to spend on managing mobile endpoints and mobile access.

Rigorous security

By integrating effective mobile endpoint security capabilities and far-reaching mobile device management (MDM) functionality, Kaspersky Security for Mobile simplifies the task of protecting mobile devices from a wide range of threats – including viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, bots, social engineering techniques, phishing attacks and more. In addition, Kaspersky Security for Mobile provides anti-theft functionality, corporate application containerisation features and the ability to manage data encryption.

Protecting multiple platforms & device types – via one centralised management console

With support for smartphones and tablets on a wide range of platforms – including Android (plus special support for Samsung’s SAFE criteria for secure mobile devices), iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry – Kaspersky Security for Mobile lets you configure and manage protection for most commonly used devices. A single, intuitive-to-use management console helps you to configure and control security for each device. ‘Over the Air’ (OTA) capabilities let you enable mobile access to your corporate data and systems – including contacts, calendars, email systems and more – and also manage mobile security from a ‘single pane of glass’.

Securing your BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives can generate business benefits – but also create additional security risks. However, if you’re running Kaspersky Security for Mobile, it will automatically identify any new devices that appear on your network, automatically distribute mobile security technologies and simplify the configuration of data access restrictions.

Keeping corporate data and personal information separate

Kaspersky Security for Mobile lets you set up containers within every mobile device, so each corporate application – and the sensitive corporate data associated with it – is stored in its own container and is totally separated from the user’s personal information. You can force encryption for the containerised data and also prevent corporate data from leaving its container. In addition, if a device is stolen or lost, remotely operated features make it easy for you to delete all information inside each container, without deleting any of the user’s own data. Similarly, if an employee leaves your business – taking their BYOD mobile device with them – Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy for you to delete sensitive corporate data from the device.

MDM – to manage security and more

By combining world-class security capabilities and extensive mobile device management features, Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps to secure your corporate mobile endpoints, protect precious information and simplify administration.

Aiding security policy compliance

Flexible configuration tools let you control which applications can be run on the mobile device. You’re free to create and enforce different policies for specific groups or individual users within the business.