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Kaspersky Systems Management

Disparate IT Tools Creates Complexity - And Complexity Is The Enemy of Security

Avoid Duplication

Eliminate the duplication of effort involved in setting up individual systems for new and existing users. Using system provisioning technology, disk images can be created, managed and deployed from a central location.

Enhanced Security

Administrators tell us their days are often filled with ensuring patches are up to date. Kaspersky helps to remove complexity by identifying vulnerabilities that could be immediately exploited and which fixes can be postponed for  after-hours. This prioritization helps administrators plan their day and increase their security posture.

Work Efficiency

Administrators can remotely install images, updatres, patches and applications. If a user has an issue, IT can remotely log in to the machine and troubleshoot the system. This means the administrator isn't wasting time by moving from desk to desk or spending frustrating hours providing less productive phone support.



Operating System And Application Provisioning

Easy creation, storage, cloning and deployment of system images from a central location. Ensure systems are delivered to the user without issues and with optimal security settings. This tool is well suited for migration to Microsoft Windows 8.

Stay On Top Of Vulnerabilities

A one-click hardware and software scan compares results across mulitple vulnerabilities databases, so you can prioritize which vulnerabilities need immediate attention and which you can postponed for after office hours.

Remote, Flexible Software Installation

Minimized network workoad by using either manual or scheduled deployment

Remote Agents

Assigned a workstation in a remote or branch offices as a central update agent. Save bandwidth by sending one update to a remote office -- and using the assigned local workstation to distribute the update for that location.

Support For Wake-On-LAN Technology

For after office hours deployment or support, Kaspersky Systems Management can power on a workstation remotely.

Troubleshooting Tools

Remotely and securely connect to a client system to fix issues -- from the same administrative console.


Support For Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Kaspersky Systems Management regularly synchronizes data on available updates and hotfixes with servers, including Microsoft Windows Update, downloading them via Windows Update Services and efficiently distributing them.

Networks Admission Control (NAC)

With Network Admission Control (NAC), you can create a network 'guest' policy. Guest devices (including mobile devices) are automatically recognized and sent to a corporate portal where the correct credentials enable them to use the resources you've approved.

Hardware And Software Inventories

PCs, hard drives and even removable devices are automatically discovererd and inventorized. The introduction of a new device triggers a notification to the administrator. This feature enables the administrator to track the status and usage of hardware on the network

Licensing Provisioning And control

Kaspersky systems Mangement reports exactly what software is in use within your environment. This enables you to adjust your licensing costs and identify users who are out of compliance. When deployed with Kaspersky Lab's endpoint control tools, you can limit usage to only approved applications and versions, and restrict the number of licenses in use at any one time.